Shattercat settles in at local business


Shattercat has become a favourite on the Grahamstown Facebook page.

By Bonke Liwani

What started as a light-hearted request to name the “ex-feral” cat of Grahamstown businessperson Tim Dold touched the hearts of many cat-lovers in the community, and brought more attention to the Grahamstown Feral Cat Project in aid of stray cats in Grahamstown.

Grocott’s Mail chatted to Dold, who owns PG Glass in Grahamstown, and the now aptly named Shattercat: the Project’s number one ambassador who is now tame and is Dold’s trusty kitty companion. During office hours, he works for Dold at PG Glass (part-time, of course!).

Shattercat was part of a feral colony of cats being looked after by Dold and others for more than five years. They decided to keep him, after noticing how tame he had grown in a short time compared to others.

“After a while with him, I could tell he had been previously domesticated and abandoned. Other cats were impossible to touch, but he just loved attention” said Dold. That very morning, he said a cat lover had come into PG Glass especially to see Shattercat and had given him a blanket.

But more about the cat…

Apart from trending on the Grahamstown Facebook page, Shattercat works as a bodyguard at PG Glass, and takes important naps for control. He loves cuddles,ear scratches and tummy rubs; he dislikes having to remind “The Boss” to get his milk ready.

Future plans? Besides cat domination, watch this space!

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