K-Day 2017 almost here


The annual sporting bonanza that is known as K-Day begins in just five days, when the boys kick off the action in various hockey matches.

The annual derby between St Andrew’s College, The Diocesan School for Girls, St Andrew’s Preparatory School and Kingswood College takes place between 14 and 17 June. The hockey games will be played at St Andrew’s Webster, Rhodes Astro and Kingswood’s City Lord’s Astro, with Webster hosting the main games. At Webster, the U14A’s start the day’s proceedings at 2pm, while the 1st teams are in action at 5pm.

Following on from the boys hockey on the Wednesday, Thursday’s action sees the Grade 1 rugby sides in a fun filled game on Fairlawn. This is a great spectacle and the parents can’t help but cheerfully shout for their little ones.

Friday’s K-Day action starts as early as 8.50am, with St Andrew’s Prep piper Chris Pretorius officially opening the day at Webster Astro. The U9 boys are then in action at 9am, with the various age groups playing throughout the day, culminating with the U13A’s at 5.30pm.

The girls will be on the netball courts from 10.30am, starting with the U11A’s. The U13A’s play at 2pm and the 1sts are on at 5.30pm. At the St Andrew’s Prep Fairlawn courts, the U7’s and U9s will start at 2pm, with the U9A’s and U8A’s closing the prep netball action at 3pm.

Also on Friday, the old girls from DSG will take on the old girls from Kingswood in a hockey game, at 3.30pm. The old boys hockey game takes place at 4.30pm, before the old boys rugby teams meet at 5.15pm.

One of the weekend’s traditions will see pupils challenge each other across the town with their war cries on the Friday evening.

Saturday’s girls hockey starts at 8am, with matches played at Webster, Rhodes and City Lords Astro’s as well as the DSG Grass Fields. The U13A’s up on early with a. 8.30am match on Webster. Another tradition sees the DSG and Kingswood Grade 8’s performing a dance in front of the crowd’s before the start of the 1st team game. The dance is at 1pm and will be followed, at 1.20pm by the 1sts.

The day’s rugby games start at 8am (Juniors), 8.30am (Seniors) with the juniors in action on the Fairlawn Field’s. The U13A’s will clash at 11.50am in the main junior match of the day. The seniors will play on St Andrew’s Knowling Fields and the main matches will be played on Lower Field. The K-Day action culminates on Lower Field at 3.30pm when St Andrew’s host Kingswood in what is expected to be a thriller of a 1st team rugby match.

Grocott’s Mail will run a K-Day feature in its next edition, coming out on Thursday 15 June.

The exciting news for this year is that in keeping with our goal to bring you as in depth coverage as possible we will be LIVE STREAMING some of the sporting action. Be sure to keep monitoring this page for more info and subscribe to our YouTube channel in the meantime!

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