LIVE UPDATES: St. Andrew’s vs. Kingswood – Senior Boys Hockey 1sts


Update #1: Hello and welcome to our live text commentary on the first team boys hockey clash between St. Andrew’s College and Kingswood College on Webster Astro. The game starts at 5 pm.

Update #:2: The St. Andrew’s teamsheet listed on the K-Day programme is as follows: 1. Josh Marx, 2. Jurgens Swart, 3. Ryan Stoddart, 4. Luke Hobson (c), 5. Paul Marriner, 6. Simon Harvey, 8. Peter Jarvis, 9. Richard Brown (VC), 10. Zuko Yaka, 11. Tao Varty, 12. Murray Breetzke, 13. Brad Landrey, 14. Christopher Benjamin, 18. Thabo Sifumba. Coaches: Mr. Gary Frayne and Mr. Alan Redfern.

Update #3: The programme lists Kingswood’s team as follows: 1. Thomas Klopstra, 2. Nathan Shone, 3. James Kelly, 4. Aidan Meyer, 5. Nick Lawson-Smith, 6. Lithe-Tha Pulo, 7. Anele Makongolo, 8. Justin Potgieter, 9.James Rippon, 10. Mvuyelwa Tyibilika, 11. Hilton Wicks (c), 12. Aidan Hawkesworth, 13. Blaine Archibald, 14. Matthew Pieterse, 15. Reagan van Niekerk, 16. Marc Landman.

Update #4: The teams are out and busy warming up.

Update #5: The home crowd is already in full voice. The sound of them chanting “College!” rings out over the Webster Astro.

Update #6: St. Andrew’s get the game underway.

Update #7: Peter Jarvis misses the first real chance of the game, firing wide from close range.

Update #8: GOAL, ST. ANDREW’S, JARVIS! 1-0: The number 8 makes up for his earlier miss and strokes the ball home. St. Andrew’s look the better side so far.

Update #9: GOAL, ST. ANDREW’S, 2-0: It’s number 1 – according to the programme, that’s Josh Marx! SAC are completely in control. Having pinned Kingswood in their box, they hit the post. Marx was there to smash it home with a follow-up effort.

Update #10: 13 minutes left in the first half. Kingswood look to have ended the wave of SAC pressure, but still trail 2-0.

Update #11: Some good last-ditch defending and goalkeeping from Kingswood prevents Tao Varty from firing at goal. Marx follows up again, but fires wide this time.


Update #13: The second half is underway and SAC already have another goal! It looks like Jarvis again, but we’ll confirm shortly. 3-0!

Update #14: GOAL! SAC have a fourth! It’s difficult to tell who scored from where we are, but SAC look totally dominant – even more so than in the first half!

Update #15: GOAL, SAC, JARVIS! 15 minutes left to play and SAC are cruising! 5-0!

Update #16: Seven minutes left to play and SAC lead 5-0. Their supporters are having a blast, running through their arsenal of warcries.

Update #17: GOAL! SAC have a sixth within the last two minutes. We will confirm the identity of the goalscorer after the game.

Update #18: FULL-TIME ST. ANDREW’S COLLEGE 6-0 KINGSWOOD COLLEGE. A convincing performance from the hosts, who dominated from the first whistle to the last. Peter Jarvis led the way with a stunning show and St. Andrew’s held onto their K-day hockey bragging rights.

Update #19: We can now confirm the identity of all the goalscorers. The order from first to last was as follows: Peter Jarvis, Joshua Marx, Peter Jarvis, Luke Hobson, Peter Jarvis, Luke Hobson.

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