LIVE UPDATES: K-Day netball – DSG vs. Kingswood


Update #1: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the first team netball clash between hosts the Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) and their great rivals, Kingswood College. Keep refreshing the page for all the latest updates.

Update #2: There is a lively buzz around the court. The game is scheduled to start in five minutes.

Update #3: According to the team sheets, these are the teams:
DSG: Emma van Vuuren (GS) (Capt), Amy Anderson (GA) (Vice Capt), Lucy Tearle (WA), Kirsty McLean (C), Kendal Rose (WD), Ase Mnqojana (GD), Babalwa Kleyi (GK) RES: Vile Diko, Mia Lion-Cachet.

Kingswood: Nthabiseng Sibeko (GS) (Capt), Tilabo Williamson (GA), Amy Mills (WA), Zinathi Mbenyana (C), Tami Labuschagne (WD), Sarah-Jane Klopstra (GD) (Vice Capt), Luvo Mvuza (GK). RES: Tatum Schwedhelm, Yonela Bukula, Qhamile Mapoma.

Update #4: The teams are out and warming up ahead of this exciting derby.

Update #5: After all the build-up, the game is finally underway!

Update #6: Straightaway, Sibeko hits the rim for Kingswood, as does Williamson on the follow-up.

Update #7: DSG break and score twice in quick succession to take an early lead.

Update #8: Sibeko gets Kingswood on the board. 2-1 to DSG.

Update #9: DSG extebnd the lead to 3-1. According to the team sheet, that’s Anderson who has scored.

Update #10: Back to a one point lead. 3-2.

Update #11: DSG double their lead again and grab another shortly afterwards. 5-2.

Update #12: 6-2! DSG score – through van Vuuren, according to the team sheet.

Update #13: Back to 6-3. Kingswood score.

Update #14: Kingswood fight back to bring the score to 7-5, but then DSG score again.

Update #15: 8-5 to DSG going into the break.

Update #16: The supporters from both sides run through their warcries.

Update #17: DSG get the game back underway.

Update #18: DSG are back on the scoreboard. 9-5.

Update #19: Kingswood pull it back to 9-6. The teamsheet says it’s Sibeko, the captain, who has scored.

Update #20: A block from the Kingswood goalkeeper (Luvo Mvuza, according to the team sheet) keeps DSG at bay. However, they remain on the front foot and extend their lead to 12-6. Kingswood then pull one back, but DSG score again. 13-7 now.

Update #21: DSG’s lead now sits at 14-8.

Update #22: DSG are pulling away. They’ve scored again here.

Update #23: DSG lead 16-8, but Kingswood’s supporters are still making lots of noise.

Update #24: Play stops and DSG go into the break 17-9 ahead.

Update #25: Kingswood get the second half underway.

Update #26: Unlike in the previous two quarters, Kingswood get on the scoreboard first in this one. However, DSG extend the lead back to eight shortly afterwards.

Update #27: After a promising start to the quarter from Kingswood, DSG are pulling away again. It’s 21-11.

Update #28: Kingswood look like they’re playing with more urgency than before. It’s 22-13.

Update #29: DSG lead 22-14, but Kingswood are clawing back.

Update #30: The hosts pull away again just before the break. DSG now lead 24-14 with one quarter left.

Update #31: The game gets back underway after a period of warcry duels.

Update #32: DSG are still firmly in control. They lead 26-15 now.

Update #33: The clock ticks down and DSG lead 28-17.

Update #34: Kingswood look utterly deflated, having appeared spirited in the third quarter. It’s 32-17 to DSG.

Update #35: FULL-TIME: DSG 32-17 KINGSWOOD. The home supporters storm onto the court to celebrate a resounding victory.

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