1578 Spanish invaders take Tegucigalpa, the Capital of Honduras.

1829 The London Metropolitan Police are founded in the City of London, UK.

1911 Italy declares war on the Ottoman Empire.

1971 Oman joins the Arab League.

1992 Fernando Collor de Mello, President of Brazil, is impeached following charges of corruption.

2013 Boko Haram kills over 42 people at the College of Agriculture in Gujba, Nigeria.


1547 Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author, known for Don Quixote.

1571 Caravaggio, Italian painter.

1758 Horatio Nelson, English admiral.

1901 Enrico Fermi, Italian-American physicist and Nobel laureate.

1933 Samora Machel, first President of Mozambique.

1970 Russell Peters, Canadian comedian.

1986 Isaac Mokwala, Botswanan sprinter.

1994 Halsey, American singer.



1902 Emile Zola, French writer.

1967 Carson McCullers, American writer, known for Reflections in a Golden Eye and A Member of the Wedding.

1973 WH Auden, English poet.

2001 Nguyen Van Thieu, President of South Vietnam from 1965 to 1975, during the Vietnam War.

29 September  is Inventors Day in Argentina, Day of Machine-Building Industry Workers in Russia, and National Coffee Day in the US.

I’m determined to do my own latte art one day. But until then I’ll just admire the results from the Caffe Artigiano baristas.

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