Sunflower Fund thanks Gtown Round Table


Any NGO staff member knows that the burden of fundraising is one not easily relieved especially in tough economic times, where corporate support is less freely distributed.

As such, we endeavour to innovate and come up with practical solutions to engage supporters and bring in the necessary income to fund our work. Sunflower Day 2017 has enjoyed overwhelming support from individuals across the country. The photos that were shared showed us how much fun people had with their TOPES (Tubes of Hope). We are truly grateful and would like to thank all South Africans for their support.

We would be remiss in our thanks though, if we did not acknowledge Grahamstown Round Table for their effort in taking our cause directly to their local community and just exceeding our expectations with their sale of TOPES. The Grahamstown Round Table Association has sold 2 000 topes, raising R50 000.

Without you and the support of your local community,  the Sunflower Fund would not have enjoyed the success we did with this campaign. Your support means that we have additional funds to recruit blood stem cell donors from across the country to give individuals diagnosed with Leukaemia and other life-threatening blood disorders the hope of life. You have truly given expression to our slogan that Hope Begins With You! We are honoured that you would choose to partner with us in this way. Anyone who wants to make a donation or register as a blood stem cell donor can call The Sunflower Fund on 0800 12 10 82.

Kim Webster

The Sunflower Fund

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