The Bloukrans River is sick

The Bloukrans River is sick. This is the finding of a practical project carried out by third-year Botany students in August. 

Shopowners forced to flee

One Somalian national is recovering in hospital after he was stabbed by looters, when over 200 foreign nationals’ shops were looted by Grahamstonians on Wednesday this week.

Skateboarders face stiff fines

I was walking to campus on my way back from the shops when I witnessed a traffic officer stopping a young man who was on his skate board. Out of curiosity I stopped to watch what was going on, and then decided to go ask. The skate boarder told me that he had just been issued a ticket for skate boarding because it was illegal.

A Renaissance man with a world of memories

In Memory of Jean-Louis Cattanéo: March 13, 1920 - August 1, 2013

New life to an old tale

I have just returned from a richly invigorating few days away from Grahamstown.

Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t invigorating simply because I wasn’t in Grahamstown but rather because it involved a stimulating visit to Cradock to attend an annual literary gathering – the Schreiner: Karoo Writers Festival.

Have you seen the Amathola toad?

One third of the earth’s known amphibians are endangered and 29% of South Africa’s frog species are listed as threatened. A wild imagination is not needed to reveal that something is afoot - webbed or otherwise.

Poor Roads: The Cause of Accidents

The state of roads in Grahamstown and surrounding area is appalling. Summers and winters make no difference. People from different layers of the community are singing one chorus of despondency and dissatisfaction emanating from the negligence of the Makana Municipality when it comes to prioritizing.

Surviving in style

Hairdressers who own Grahamstown's black hair salons have it rough, as there are a number of factors that contribute to how they receive business on a daily basis and if they can make a success of the business despite such challenges. Due to the fact that Grahamstown is a small town this means that hairdressers must use their limited resources well and this includes their clientele.

Grahamstown's Green Haven

The Makana Botanical Gardens, are the second oldest botanical gardens in South Africa, and were founded in 1853 on the slopes of Gun Fire Hill by Deed of Grant. The gardens which adjoin Rhodes University, can be found past the Eden Grove section of the university, and are situated opposite the Botanical and Psychology Departments.

Belief can make the difference

Waking up at 5:00 am on a cold winter morning to the sound of a father and son getting into yet another heated argument is never fun. This was now the fifth time in a single week that either I or other members of the house hold had been affected by Nicolas De Wet and his father’s eternal arguments.