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No easy ride to Settlers' Hospital

Transport to and from Settlers Hospital is a burning issue for many Grahamstown township residents. Wheelchair bound maTenza (93) says that “taxi drivers only care about the money.” 

Come Dine with Me: Student Edition

Four Rhodes University second year students are hosting their own student version of Come Dine with Me as a solution to boring residence food and digs' dinners consisting of baked beans on toast and two minute noodles. 

Google's plan for balloon-powered internet

Google's experimental Project Loon, launched in July, is a bold step providing internet access to the rural and remote areas using low orbiting balloons. So far from the experiments they have carried out one balloon can provide connectivity to an area about 40km in diameter at speeds as good as 3G. 

New ID cards to counter fraud

Identity theft has been of serious concern for South Africans, however with the new ID Smart card this may soon be nearly impossible.

South Africa's top music festivals

Music festivals are a great form of leisure and can help unwind stress, expand your culture and introduce you to new people. South Africa offers many amazing festivals. Here are some of the best fests and personal accounts of what you can expect.

Shape up with fitness apps

Despite the grunts and pulsing, sweating muscles and a gym floor swollen with weight-lifting equipment, health experts say the only thing people need to push, pull and lift is the weight of their own body - and maybe a smartphone app or two. 

iPads? Laptops? We have cellphones

While some students can access Google in seconds, read breaking news, find academic journals online and even play Angry Birds in lectures, 59 percent of  South Africans do not have  access to the internet. A Global Competitiveness Report ranked South Africa 111th out of 144 countries in terms of school internet access.  With so few resources at school and at home, learners like Siyamthanda Dyantyie are turning to their mobiles to get access to information.

Stress prevention key to happy, healthy life

Stress can harm a healthy immune system and technology-related stress complaints are on the rise among students and professionals. 

Grahamstown’s first women in horseback archery

Riding a horse, balancing, aiming and shooting is never an easy sport. Kim Nell makes it look like there is no hard work behind. Nell plays horseback archery and is very passionate about it.

Grahamstown Surf Escape

Life in a landlocked town can be difficult for surfers who have grown up near the sea. Grahamstown is home to many such people, as well as a crowd of locals who have been driving for surf all their lives.