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Waste management is an area of widespread concern in Grahamstown. In an attempt to address this problem and encourage community participation towards finding resolutions, we have launched Ukucoca (Makana Clean-up), a collection of stories written in November and December 2009 by citizen journalists who have completed a six-week course in the Grocott's Mail Citizen Journalism Newsroom.

Featured Story

Sick of promises without action

60-year-old William Kutsi, of Emaxhekwazini in Joza Location, expresses his unhappiness about the lack of cleanliness and the neglect of the environment by the local authorities.

Dundas Street dump yard

The unbearable smell of rotten food  dumped at the back of a stand-alone flat in Dundas Street has been causing problems for the vendors who have to sit there while  trying to  earn a living. The vendors sell meat which is now flooded by flies and this is affecting their sales and their health.



Is healthcare making us sick?

Re-use of unsterilised syringes and needles - often scavenged from dumpsites - causes an estimated eight to 16 million new hepatitis B infections annually around the world, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Trash a major headache for Hoogenoeg

Trash is a major headache in the small area of Hoogenoeg in Grahamstown, where dump sites are not being used properly. Some residents in this area share their view on the matter, including a street committee member and a municipality worker.

Businesses give Makana Municipality the thumbs up

The issue of waste management and its impact on ordinary citizens has long been an area of concern in Grahamstown, but business establishments within the Grahamstown CBD have given Makana Municipality the thumbs up for keeping the city clean.

Community and muni must work together

 The community and the municipality have to take responsibility together for the issue of rubbish management in Grahamstown.

One container is not enough for Extension 6

Many Grahamstown residents are upset because of neglected areas that have been spoilt by irresponsible people, which have become breeding grounds for various diseases.

We are fed-up with laziness

Pumlani and KwaThatha residents are completely dissatisfied with waste and rubbish collection in their area. They say it is enough - they are sick and tired of the lazy municipality workers.

Taking responsibility for littering

Walking down High Street on a Monday morning just after 8:00 you do not get the idea that littering is a problem in Grahamstown. Cleaners from nearby businesses carry huge bags to the litter heaps which are removed quite early later the same day. But talking to inhabitants from other areas in town is a different story.

An interview with a street cleaner

This is an interview with Ntombizakhe Mkholo, a street cleaner in Grahamstown.