Open for the reading business!

Dozens of eager readers had come into the Hill Street Library by mid-morning on Wednesday 22 March, the day the facility reopened after being closed for renovations for more than a year.

Grahamstown's got talent!

"Remember the eisteddfods we used to take part in at the Monument?" I said to my brother who has been living out of South Africa for more than 30 years. 

Importance of Re-Discovery

An important component of innovation is the rediscovery and rethinking of old ideas, many of which  are now at the cutting edge of modern technology, biology and cosmology. 

Bush-bashing and banter on a trail of discovery

One day, when a herdsman was tending his chief’s cattle upon a hill somewhere in Southern Africa, the Tokoloshe appeared. With a tendency for mischief, the Tokoloshe decided to steal a couple of cows, and disappear. 

It’s complicated, but not...

How do you explain a lot of complicated science to a group of people consisting mainly of non-scientists? That’s easy if you are Dr Claire Lee, a particle physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland.

Albany Museum - a gem discovered during Scifest

I am ashamed to admit that in two years of being at Rhodes University the old white and partly brown-stained building next to the Drostdy Arch has never struck me as interesting. But Scifest is in town, taking me where I have never been. 

Welkom Gimnasium schoolgirl finds the missing link

A healthy curiosity about why her friends were dropping maths and physical science when making their subject choices led Bianka Reyneke to fascinating discovery.

Who killed Dr Bateman?

Children and their parents sat in the large Olive Schreiner hall. There was a loud buzz as everyone was chatting and laughing.

When science becomes an art

Back in high school, science was always my greatest nemesis, so when the time came to choose, I gladly traded in the science labs for the stage.


TOUR DE ROAD: SANRAL Training Academy candidates (from left) Abednigo Bhila, Siphesihle Bulose and Serisha Sukraj, explained the importance of civil engineering to learners from Johnson Nqonqoza Senior Secondary School in Summerset East.