Team Toyota reigns at rainy VW rally

Severe weather and tough and very wet driving conditions resulted in a shortened VW rally with only 10 stages of 12 completed due to the course being flooded.

Wrong anti-freeze can damage your car

Winter is well and truly here, the mercury has dipped below zero and that means car engines take longer to warm up and can be damaged if parts become frozen overnight.

VW Market Square Takes national title

Grahamstown motor dealership VW Market Square has been awarded the Prestigious VW Customer Centricity award for the best customer satisfaction in the category C dealership category for 2014.

Powerful and efficient

Hyundai Santa Fe' Elite Driving impressions are mostly subjective. Everyone has a different perspective on what a great vehicle is. Seldom do most agree on the status of a vehicle in the global automotive hierarchy. Sometimes, however, looks can deceive.

Finding the C in Class

The Mercedes C-Class and I have never particularly seen eye to eye. I always found myself placing it under its big rivals, the 3-Series and the Audi A4.

A fast-growing enthusiasm

Remember your reaction when up to a decade ago someone told you they had bought a Korean car? You probably can’t because no one willingly bought Korean cars and then admitted they did.

Give your car a little lovin’ this month

‘Take care of your car and it will take care of you’,” says Les Mc Master, Chairman of the Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA).

First truly one-man car

The small-car market has been growing in South Africa and worldwide at a remarkable rate.

Fewer crashes, more deaths on EC roads

The number of road crashes in the Eastern Cape has dropped significantly thanks to multi-agency collaboration and support from road users.

Consistency pays for De Villiers

When more than 600 000 spectators crowded around the starting podium in Buenos Aires on 4 January 2015, they were anticipating the adrenaline-filled days that lay ahead.