The beaten track: Why that old station mattered to me

As a young sport-loving journalist, I was born long after the booming time of rail transportation, and quite frankly, deserted buildings are not very high on my list of places to visit.

The Beaten Track: Here today, gone tomorrow

While all these various issues are discussed, probed and further delayed, the station still stands, neglected, abandoned, a far cry from its former glory.

The Beaten Track: It was really something special

The closure of the Grahamstown station was particularly heart-breaking for Hennie Ferreira, a former railway station operating inspector.

The beaten track: History lessons and high jinks

History books tell of South African soldiers leaving Grahamstown by train, going to fight in World War I, and later World War II.

Renault road test

Renault is known for revamping their Megane range on a fairly regular basis and they have recently done so again for 2014.

The beaten track: Dr Marx and the love train

Part three

A few hundred metres from the Alicedale train station stands the Doctor’s House, home to the local medical practitioner since 1820. 

Relief at the pumps for motorists

The Department of Energy announced sharp decreases in the prices of petrol, diesel, Illuminating paraffin and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) today.

The beaten track: The Blaaukrantz tragedy

This is the second in a five-part series written by a Rhodes Journalism student whose inspiration came from a chance encounter with the vandalism at the Grahamstown train station.

Troops celebrations to block traffic at the city centre

Motorists may find it difficult to navigate through the city centre traffic next week Thursday 28 August as a number of streets will be closed for celebrations by 6 South African Infantry Battalion (6 SAI) soldiers.