All G'town roads lead to ruin

Some township roads in Grahamstown are so bad, drivers aim for the sidewalks rather than risk ruining their vehicles.

Bafo says...

A reader sent in this photo of the amusing additions to a stop sign that their children spotted at the intersection between Grocott Street and Oatlands Road.

Bloodhound’s future scientists

Andy Green, the fastest man in the world since 1997 and soon to beat his own world record in 2015, travelled across continents to spread the word of Project Bloodhound at this year’s SciFest.

The next generation electric car

Here's the next generation electric car Staff Reporter Goodyear recently announced that it is co-operating with StreetScooter at the Geneva Motor Show 2013.

Vehicle sales rise by 1.6% in February

Vehicle sales lost momentum in February rising by 1.6%, the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) said this week.

Supersonic speed coming to Scifest

You’ll hear an almighty bang as the rocket car breaks the sound barrier and accelerates to the supersonic speed of 1 600km/h - that’s 30% faster than the previous land speed record achieved by Thrust SSC in October 1997.

Even a small drink could do it

Getting locked up for driving under the influence of alcohol is not necessarily because you're over the blood alcohol limit, but could be because you look like you are, according the Automobile Association.

Mercedes EC plant going strong

With a total annualised revenue of R33.8 billion, marginally down from 2011, the Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) group is reflecting the positive outlook of the local vehicle market, contrary to some slower growth trends and rising inflationary pressures.

Bus station plan starts rolling

Moves to transform the old Grahamstown railway station into a bus terminus are still in progress following an agreement between the municipality and a number of stakeholders.

Milkshakes and a Mini

When I was a kid growing up in East London not an awful lot of years ago, one of my best things to do was indoor go-karting. “Michael, where do you want to go for your birthday this year?” my parents would ask. My default reply would be “Indoor karting! And then Friesland for milkshakes!”