The Grocott's Mail Photo Competition

Leaving Grahamstown. This is the winning photograph submitted under the competition theme, 'My Grahamstown at night'. 
“The Howieson's Poort bend on the PE side of the N2 just outside Grahamstown is notorious for accidents. Having photographers stand in the road probably doesn't help matters,” writes the photographer, Michael Salzwedel. 
Salzwedel was using a Canon 650D, a Canon 15-85mm lens at 21mm, an aperture of F8, a 30-second exposure/shutter speed and an ISO of 400.
By using a long exposure time of 30 seconds, Salzwedel was able to capture the red light streaks left by a passing vehicle.
These red lines, as well as the yellow curve of the road, lead our eyes to the bright light approaching us. This adds to the dangerous location of the photograph; a “deer in headlights” effect.  
This light has also been placed on the third of the photograph. “The rule of thirds” is a photographic guideline which states that an image is most pleasing when the subject of that photograph is placed along imaginary lines which divide the image into thirds (vertically and horizontally). 
Grocott's Mail's next competition theme is 'My Grahamstown in Action'. Details in Makana Sharp in the 20 March edition of Grocott's Mail, and on our Facebook page, Grocott's Mail Online.
* Mia van der Merwe is a teaching assistant in the Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies and is one of Grocott's Mail's photography advisers.

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