Elderly coupled robbed, held hostage

Police arrested a suspect and are looking for a second in the vicious robbery of an elderly Grahamstown couple this morning Saturday 18 March. One of the suspects is well known to the couple.

Spokesperson for the South African Police Service Lieutenant Khaya Thonjeni said two men entered the home of the couple, in their 80s, and attacked them.

The robbers hit the husband on the forehead with a hammer and, taking his bank card, demanded his pin code.

Thonjeni said the retired Rhodes University professor and his wife were then tied up with electrical cord and held hostage, guarded by one robber, while the other went to the ATM and drew cash.

The wife managed to activate a panic button and the men fled. They took with them a laptop and cellphone belonging to the couple, and the cash.

Hi-Tec Security responded quickly and minutes later had arrested one of the suspects, who had in his possession the laptop, cellphone and cash.

In a painful twist, one of the men had been a regular guest at the couple’s house, often sharing meals with them.

Thonjeni said the couple had supported the young man in various ways over several years, including paying for his education.

The couple were admitted to hospital.

Their home is in the area of the east end of Fitzroy Street.

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