What is the real cost of a loan?

Agnes Sogoni is a 52-year old domestic worker earning R2 500 per month.  She is a single mother of two teenage children and is the sole breadwinner in the household which includes her sister, who is ill with tuberculosis, and her sister’s young son.  

Time to defactionalise the mind

South Africa is diverse and that's what makes the country attractive. The political landscape is heterogeneous and fiercely contested - a situation that serves as a pillar for multi-party democracy and a counterbalance to dictatorial practices. 


The World War I sinking of the troopship SS Mendi, whose centenary is next week, consisted of a series of disastrous events resulting in the tragic and wholly avoidable loss of many lives. When the Mendi (4 230 tons), on the final leg of its journey from Cape Town to Le Havre in France, was rammed by a speeding SS Darro (10 000 tons) in thick fog, it took only 20 minutes to sink.


Here’s Your R20
The minimum wage is now official, after vice president Cyril Ramaphosa announced in Parliament on Wednesday that all partners except Cosatu had signed the pact the previous night.

#BlackFriday must fall!

Before I launch into my latest rant, here’s a confession: I am a borderline auction addict. I am so keen that I think I’ve been to about 100 of these things over the last 10 years—in Grahamstown alone!  

Budgeting while Rome burns

The disjuncture between the way technocrats see things and the way politics plays out was very visible in the televised clash at Parliament between students and police this week.

NEWTOWN... OLD EYES: It's me again

It's me again: Just to emphasise and not to raise any panic-loaded, back-and-forth debates:

The most beautiful landscape in South Africa

We were planning a holiday at the Great Fish River Reserve, then Jenny calls to say she’s won the Grocott’s prize of a weekend for four at one of the Mvubu Chalets, and wouldn’t Sukh and I like to join her and Ofer.

So far so good

Or so it looks after three days back in the classroom for Grahamstown's public schools.

Letter from Makana's Administrator, Pam Yako

2014 ended on a high note for the Makana Municipality.  After being placed under administration, the Council and the broader Makana community attended a service delivery summit and signed a pledge to  “…to commit ourselves, our organisations and our institutions to do all in our individual and collective power to truly make Makana ‘a great place to be”.