Staff Blogs

Grahamstown Rainfall - 17 October 2014

We've had a lot of rain this month, making up for our September shortage.

Maybe October's been a bit miserable this year, and we've yet to even hit our spring peak.

Our brave pluvios, Robin Stobbs and Nick James, have reported rainfall of 2mm and 5mm respectively this week.

Hopefully the rain won't come down in "one great, devastating cloudburst", especially as Nick's getting married on Monday.
Congratulations, Nick!

Grahamstown Rainfall - 29 August 2014

Looks like we're headed for a cold, wet and windy weekend.

Hopefully it'll be enough to replace all that valuable rain water you had to use for domestic purposes, if you are lucky enough to have a rainwater tank.

Grahamstown Rainfall - 25 July 2014

It's been drier than British wit in Grahamstown this week.

All our pluvios are tied for first/last with a grand total of no rainfall at all. 

Nikki Kohly returned from KZN to a "dry and dusty" garden and low rainwater tanks.

Jim Cambray over at Park Road reported that there wasn't even recordable dew for this week.

However, take heart, for stats-whizz Robin Stobbs reports that total June/July rainfall (11.7mm) is nearly double levels in 2000 (6.75mm). 

All is not lost