Sole Sisters target Bedford

Who are the Sole Sisters? We are a group of 10 local Grahamstown women who are inspired and motivated by our love of running and through this we have found a way to support and make a meaningful impact on the lives of women and children in our community in 2017. 

This adventure, which has been in the making for almost a year, incorporates a route from Blanco to Bedford through the Baviaans River Conservancy.  

On 27 April 2017 the Sole Sisters will start a three-day staged 105km run from Blanco to Bedford. 

We are taking on approximately 35km per day and the route promises to be tough enough to hurt - but the beauty of the surroundings and the benefit to the charities we support is going to make it well worth it. 

We have been accumulating training mileage and are now running between 50km and 60 km a week.

Over the past months we have gained running experience, learnt to pace ourselves, learnt how to prevent and treat blisters and to understand nutrition better. 

Training for this epic undertaking is such a privilege and we appreciate being fit and healthy enough to take it all on! 

The Grahamstown community (and some partners further afield), both individuals and businesses, have been supportive and extremely generous.  

We have been supplied with transport and accommodation for our journey; we have had some new running gear and classes at the CrossFit Box (which have helped tremendously with our strength training) sponsored and we even have our own professionally designed logo.

We have also been photographed professionally at no expense.

We are very grateful for the monetary donations towards our target of R20 000, which it seems at this stage we may well surpass.

Our charity partners for the run are: Heart Matters (based here in Grahamstown), Sparrows (based in Tarkastad) and Siyatinga, a woman’s empowerment-through-craft group in Bedford.

Heart Matters (a division of Africa Cares for Life) is a not-for-profit Pregnancy Resource Centre based in Grahamstown.

The foundation provides free pregnancy testing and support for women facing the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. 

Given a positive result, Heart Matters explains all the options (without any agenda, judgement or manipulation) available to the mother-to-be. These include adoption, foster care, parenting and abortion. 

Sparrows Child and Youth Care Centre is based in Tarkastad. It functions as a residential care facility as well as an Educare centre providing education for young local children.  

Siyatinga is a women's craft group situated on Fair Holt Farm outside Bedford. These ladies have made themselves self-sufficient by crafting and selling their handiwork. 

If you would like to get involved by making a donation either in cash or in kind, or you would like to find out more about the Sole Sisters please visit our website 


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