Arrest follows R30k dagga haul

A case of possession of dagga is being investigated after a 26 year old male was arrested and dagga worth R30 800 was seized.

Members of the Grahamstown South African Police (SAP) K9 unit were conducting a patrol when they stopped and pulled over a taxi.

EC universities unite against sexual violence

For the first time in the eight year history of the Silent Protest, students from Walter Sisulu University and the University of Fort Hare will join forces with the Rhodes University in Silent Protest on 1 August 2014.

Sewage mess in Mretywana still on going

TEM Mrwetyana Secondary School continues to struggles with leaking sewage after almost five months. Before you reach the school's gate, you are overwhelmed by the unpleasant smell from the blocked drain.

Changes in Rhodes student council

Rhodes Music Radio (RMR) presenter and student, Brian Mabe, will hand in his official resignation as Media Councillor of the Student Representative Council (SRC) at the end of this month. In Mabe’s absence, Secretary-General, Grace Moyo, as well as other SRC members, are taking over some responsibilities until the upcoming elections.

Dump smoke action

The Green Scorpions visited the Grahamstown dump site after complaints from residents.
Read what they had to say in tomorrow's edition of Grocott's Mail.