Death of democracy on a titanic scale


Unemployed People’s Movement

Democracy is the government of the people for the people by the people.
It is the will of the people.
South Africans seems to be united in their call for Zuma to be released of his duties. At the heart of this call is the trillion-rand nuclear power deal that will benefit the Russians, the Guptas and his family.
The sacking of the minister of finance is an attempt to capture the Treasury. The call for his dismissal is coming from the hills of the Constitutional Court ruling, that he is in breach of his oath.
Zuma has been involved in scandal after the other. He is a scandalous president, a failed president.
Imperialist Coup
The Zuma camp and some sectarian leftists have had it that the #zumamustfall campaign is nothing but an imperialist coup.
This narrative is flawed and can not stand on its own. It is negating the fact that Zuma himself is under the thumb of the ruling class.
It’s a narrative that is naïve of the scandals of the President and also that Zuma is corrupt.
He has failed the people of this country, unemployment is soaring high, the majority of our people live in the sea of poverty and the call for free education has been squashed by the presence of the might hand of the state apparatus, the police and the army. To just use the same brush in dismissing this call is dangerous.
The Marikana massacre symbolises an oppressive state that will do anything to protect ruling-class interests.
What is to be done
We need to stand together in solidarity to call for the dissolution of Parliament, realising that the ruling party is protecting the President.
We need to demand the deepening of our democracy. The failure of the ruling party to act on its president call on us to question if this is indeed democracy. Democracy can only mean one thing and that our lives matter and we have a say in the running of our lives.
We need to rethink emancipatory politics – the politics of  land and dignity.
Despite the promise by the Freedom Charter that the people shall govern, what we are witnessing is the erosion of the democratic gains of 1994: it is Zuma and his masters, including the Guptas, whose voices count for something.
Our voice counts for nothing.
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