Porsche club parades the Eastern Cape


The the Eastern Cape towns of Bisho and East London played host to the annual parade of the South African chapter of the Porsche Club in May 2017.

Sponsored by Exxon Mobil, the weekend-long celebration included events such as quarter mile and speed runs at Bulembu Airport, as well as an exhibition at Hemmingway’s Shopping Centre. On the Sunday, enthusiasts and drivers met up at East London Grand Prix Circuit for a day of Big Foot Time Trials. Grocott’s Mail reporter Sam Spiller went to the circuit to take a look and came back with these photographs.

This veteran 924 was one of only a few 4-cylinder Porsche models participating in the event, with the majority being the legendary 911 in all its generations. Other models included a 944 and several Caymans.


The red, white and blue motifs of motor sport sponsor Martini & Rossi, as seen on this Cayman S just about to cross the finish line, has had a connection with Porsche motorsport since the 1970s, culminating in three wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans during that decade.

Danny Osighie, Bradley Taylor and Blayne Miller pose for the cameras in race suits, as part of Exxon Mobil’s sponsorship of the event.

While the event was open to both casual and professional Porsche drivers, there was a decent mix of the two with racers taking the opportunity to showcase their winning wheels. Here, a racing-spec 911 GT2 sits on display in the pits.

Another notable sponsor of Porsche Motorsport during the 1970s was Gulf Oil, with its blue and orange colours seen here on this 1960s Turbo. These colours can also be recognised on the race-winning Porsche 917 that Steve McQueen drove in the 1970 film Le Mans.

Mickey Plagis of Johannesburg smiles as his 911 Turbo Cabriolet lines up for a run on the main circuit. Plagis was one of 105 Porsche owners from across the country to participate in this weekends’ events.

Two 911 GT2s surround a GT3 RS as they swing round Cox’s Corner of East London’s main circuit. The circuit was the site of South Africa’s first-ever Grand Prix, with racing having been started in the area during the 1930s by then motoring editor of the Daily Dispatch, Brud Bishop.

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