Makana declares water disaster



Makana has declared a water disaster in the municipality.

A resolution was passed in yesterday’s full Council meeting to declare a local state of disaster so that urgent action could be taken to secure the town’s water supply.

A report from acting municipal manager Mandisi Planga says the total raw water storage left to supply the Grahamstown West area of the municipality is enough for 95 days.

“It must be noted that this is if there is no further irrigation draw-offs or any credible rainfall in the catchment area of [Settlers] dam,” the report states.

“It is for the above facts that a declaration of a local state of disaster is crucial so that a disaster management process plan in anticipation of the worst could be initiated as a matter of urgency,” the report states.

Director of Engineering and Infrastructural Services Dali Mlenzana said Settlers Dam had reached the crucial 30% level below which water could no longer be extracted.

Mayor Nomhle Gaga said a disaster plan had to be urgently drawn up and acted on.

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