Time for another Polar Plunge!


Grahamstown businessperson and incoming Rotary chairperson Tim Dold tests the temperature of Grey Dam yesterday, where on Wednesday 21 June, dozens will take to the water in Grahamstown’s annual midwinter Polar Plunge. ‘Yip – it’s cold,’ he said.  Photo: Sue Maclennan

The 13th edition of Grahamstown’s annual Polar Plunge at Grey Dam will take place on Wednesday 21 June, at 7.30am.

The local tradition sees dozens of people of all ages diving into the dam for a brief, freezing dose of cold reality to celebrate the Winter Solstice. This marks the time when the southern hemisphere starts its journey “into the light” and towards summer. And it’s those words participants will listen out for as the signal to take the plunge next Wednesday.

Organiser George Euvrard has asked participants and spectators to bring and donate a blanket or an article of warm clothing “for those who are cold ALL winter”. The winter warmth will be distributed by PG Glass Grahamstown as part of its PG Cares programme. PG Glass owner Tim Dold has invited participants to enjoy a complimentary mug of hot chocolate after their icy swim.

The forecast for 7.30am on Wednesday 21 June is 9C. The water temperature in Grey Dam can range between 9C and 12C, depending on the depth.

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