Dynamic new productions set to wow at NAF


MA Directors

The Rhodes University Master’s Directing students, curated by Janet Buckland will present three dynamic new South African works spanning very different genres and styles at the annual Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

Mike da Silva presents ‘Ant’, a bizzaro adaptation of the unusual short story ‘Ant Colony’. Da Silva’s boundless imagination is perfectly suited to this weird and wonderful rendering of a desperate woman’s dally with a nefarious doctor. Da Silva was the rehearsal coach for the award-winning production of ‘Waterline’ in 2016.


Thembela Madliki, winner of the 2016 Best Student Production and Most Promising Director will present ‘Bayephi?’, a work of magical realism that evokes nostalgia and emotion through the senses. In it, a young girl commits herself to finding her brother’s restless spirit. The work asks, where are they or where have they gone?


Sam Pennington presents ‘Esports Lounge’, an unconventional theatrical staging of competitive computer gaming. The first of its kind at the festival, Pennington introduces us to a niche and contemporary performance style in an exciting and accessible way. Pennington’s devised piece with local artists ‘Falling off the Horn’, won the Silver Ovation award for 2016 at the National Arts Festival.

The productions are on from 29 June to 8 July. Tickets selling at R50 for adults and R45 for students.

Age recommendation 16-plus

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