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Although Cue in its traditional daily newspaper format is not being printed at this year’s National Arts Festival (but look out for its mini version, the daily b&w double-sided A4 CuePicks tipsheet), the silver lining is that Cue and Grocott’s Mail have collaborated to produce a FREE full-colour, 12-page A3 publication called CuePicks EXTRA (published on Tuesday 4 July), which is filled to its inky brim with National Arts Festival goodness, with the look and feel of the Cue newspaper you know and love.

We have printed 5 000 copies so if you’re at Festival make sure you grab one before they’re all gone. If you prefer pixels to paper, we’ve also made it available for download below – click/tap the front page below to grab the PDF. Happy reading! And of course, don’t forget to get your copy of Grocott’s Mail on Friday 7 July for even more inky Festival goodness!

Click / tap to download CuePicks EXTRA (6 megs)


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