New Rose Garden will host St Cyprian’s Fair


The new Rose Garden at St Cyprian’s Highlands, dedicated earlier this year in memory of Grahamstown Physician Dr Celia Jameson Rose, will be in use for the first time in September as venue for the annual Country Fair. The previously rough sloping terrain has been leveled and landscaped and the Tracey family planted the first garden rose. The site has become a well-loved first-night stopover on George Euvrard’s pilgrimage trail – the Indlela yoBantu Pilgrimage of Hope – which Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu described as that “wonderfully inspired and inspiring idea”. The Church has made the new site available to the community as a venue for weddings and other community functions.

The St Cyprian’s Country Fair has become a calendar event in Grahamstown for hikers, bikers and especially for parents on the lookout for weekend activities for the whole family. In addition to the now famous treasure hunt, pony rides, touch farm for kids with Daisy the Sheep, candy floss, pancakes, tea garden and farm potjie lunch, there is a range of country craft, farm baking and mutton and venison.

The Country Fair will be held on Sunday 10 September starting at 11am after Communion Service at 10am. Either take the Highlands Road (about 18km on gravel from the Monastery) or off the N2 towards Alicedale and then right to Highlands.

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