My Eastern Cape sourced garden


James heavenly indigenous garden

View from the garden’s entrance

Robyn James started her beautiful, indigenous garden from scratch eight years ago. She enjoys gardening and says  “I wanted to make it Eastern Cape, so everything in this garden has been sourced in the Eastern Cape”.

This has worked to her advantage as her garden is low maintenance all year round.  What is most remarkable about her garden is that regardless of whether there is drought and season change, it never dies. It does help, however, that the property has a natural spring. Her advice is that people with gardens in Grahamstown should identify what grows on the verges and pavements and use these plants, rather than other plants which require regular watering.

James says the advantage of planting indigenous is that it is easy to split these plants, make bunches and replant. Succulents can simply be broken off, stuck in the ground, and they will start growing. Robyn also emphasizes on the significance of keeping indigenous plants and succulents weed free otherwise their natural beauty is lost.

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