Khulani Project trains trailer makers


One of the ready-to-go trailers made by the Khulani Project. Photo: Bonke Liwani

Khulani Project trainees cleaning up a trailer for hire. Photo: Bonke Liwani

Mazwi Dingana is the proud founder of Khulani Skill Transfer Development Project for unemployed youth. They are a Joza based organisation that gives local youth the skills set to make burglar gates and roadworthy standard trailers for hire and for sale.

Dingana grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Grahamstown, and after many changes in career path over the years, drew closer to the skills he had learnt on the farm. Fortunately, in that same period, he received an offer from a business asking for someone to weld trailers with supplied material.

Without any hiccups, and to his amazement, the trailers were made and certified roadworthy. This planted the seed that gave birth to the Khulani Skills Development Project in Phumlani.

Dingana searched for support over the years, and was fortunate to get assistance with a business plan. This did not make things much easier, as they still lack the basics to run the business. Dingana said they lack infrastructure; such as tools and a sheltered workplace as opposed to his yard.

“Weather conditions can sometimes limit the amount of work we put in,” said Dingana.

Project funding has been another tough aspect of the project, and maybe the right doors haven’t been knocked on for government support. As a result, Dingana has to date committed his personal finances to the benefit of running the project and feels he can receive a great amount of support with raised awareness.

For more information about the Khulani Skill Transfer Development Project, contact Dingana at 079 232 2378.

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