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As we have reached this season of the bright foliage colour evolving around Grahamstown, homeowners are reaping the fruits of their labour after a harsh winter.

The satisfying visuals of one garden in particular stood out on one hot spring afternoon, because right at the end of Prince Alfred Street stands a garden which glistens from the golden sun setting over the hills. The collage of green from the hedges to the lighter contrasting greens of the lawn and trees are complimented with subtle bursts of colourĀ  from blossoming flowers scattered around the garden.

The realistic sense of a hot dawn can be felt with the pleasant sites of different shades of purple in the garden with an array of light viola flowers which give vibrancy to the garden. Accompanying the violas are perennial lavender which ties up the leisurely feel on a warm spring day as the buzzing sounds of bees and the aromatic smell the plant emits pleases all senses of the body.

The owner of the garden, Mbulelo Ntlabati and his wife take advantage of the beauty and enjoy days in the garden with their two children and their dog. The best part of the garden is yet to come, as you walk towards a bench and behind that bench sits an amazing view of the nature of Grahamstown .

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