Time to walk to work


Motorists were slapped with another petrol price increase this week, this time a whopping 67 cents per litre. However, as can be seen by our readers’ reactions, the increase does not only affect motorists. Residents who rely on taxi services could also be affected, as we are likely to see and increase in taxi services, while there will probably also be increases on the consumables purchased on a daily basis.

The increase will definitely have a negative impact on consumers, with many feeling the pinch even before the increase.

Living in a small town like Grahamstown does have its positives though. Why not leave the car at home and take a walk to walk. Think about it, many of us live about 2km away from our place of work, yet most people still choose to drive to work. You may also use lift clubs, for getting the kids to school, or even sharing lifts to work with colleagues in your area.

Since walking / cycling to work (and to the odd job around town) I have noticed a savings. Where I used to fill the tank a few times a month, I’m now filling the tank once every month or two.

It helps when you are a fitness fanatic, but that does not stop the rest of Grahamstown motorists in walking to work and back every now and again. Especially now with Spring in the air.

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