Classical to choral – the Cathedral’s musical kaleidoscope


By Kutlwano Kepadisa

On Saturday 30 September Grahamstown Cathedral presented a public event consisting of multi-genre musical performances. The Grahamstown Cathedral Prestige Music Concert aimed to be the first of a series of annual Cathedral events, providing a platform for parishioners and others who help maintain the Cathedral as a highly creative yet sacred space of worship. The idea behind the concert was to select a number of top achievers who have done well in music at schools, externally at festivals and competitions as well as in the Cathedral itself, and who form part of the musical ministry of the Cathedral. It was a celebration of the important contribution musicians and artists have in the Cathedral.

The event was organized by Kutlwano Kepadisa who is currently the Cathedral’s music director, with Asakhe Cuntsulana who directs the Marimbas, and Namso Nyamela, a long-term student parishioner, altar server and lay minister. It followed the success of the outstanding arts events which happened in the Cathedral during the Festival. This concert is a culmination of a collaboration which takes place not only during the Festival, but throughout the year.

The Cathedral is thankful for the participation of committed and loving artists from all walks of Grahamstown life, over a wide range of ages and genres. The varied programme included music by among others, Mikhail Glinka, Michael Bublé, The Soil and Hugh Masekela as well as some of the musicians’ own original compositions. From mbiras and marimbas, to South African jazz to classical and choral works, what a kaleidoscope of music!

Kutlwano Kepadisa with Bayanda Mthetho, pianist and chorister, and chorister Xolisa Foley. Photo: Peter Stockwell

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