Samuel Ntsiko Entrepreneur Day


Samuel Ntsiko recently held their Entrepreneurs Day

EMS teacher Phumeza Stamper, in hat, with some of the Samuel Ntsiko pupils.

Teachers and pupils at Samuel Ntsiko.

Phumeza Stamper, standing, at one of  the Samuel Ntsiko stalls.

Samuel Ntsiko pupils buying from the stalls.

Samuel Ntsiko stallholders at the Entrepreneur Day.

Samuel Ntsiko Deputy Principal Nonceba Mase at one of the stalls.

Phumeza Stamper, standing, of Samuel Ntsiko at one of the stalls.

Samuel Ntsiko’s Phumeza Stamper, standing, with a stall called the “Cool Shop”.

Samuel Ntsiko teacher Mlandeli Mangqengwana at one of the stalls.

Samuel Ntsiko cleaner Elyn Ncwadi with her purchases.

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