Recycling is back in town!



From Monday 6 November, residents can recycle with minimum effort. Quite simply, put all your recyclable stuff – clean and dry – into clear/orange bags, and put out early on the day of your normal waste collection.

This Masahlule Recycling initiative – with the blessing of WESSA, GBF and GRA – means there will be less waste going to the landfill site, and more income for recycling entrepreneurs.

Masahlule’s dedicated vehicle will do the rounds ahead of the Municipal truck, initially just in Grahamstown West. They have a working arrangement with the informal waste pickers, which they hope will increase the amount of recycling.

Animals like dogs and donkeys will not tear open recycling bags if everything inside is clean and dry. This means far less rubbish blowing around.

There probably will be a few teething problems, but at least it’s a step in the right direction!

For info, contact Simpiwe Mngcongo 063 513 6921 or Philasande Thomas 082 327 2022. Other info on waste-wise practices at and links.

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