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If you find yourself bored one dreary evening, there might be hope. If you feel the urge to go out without the turn up that accompanies it. Or simply if you want to see some students with a little comical talent; the Grahamstown Funny Foundation might be just what you need.

Regularly found at Slipstream Sports Bar in New Street, the show presents a diverse line-up of young people with a sense of humor. The line-up is also constantly changing and updating with new faces each getting their chance to shine. It gives them and anyone interested the chance to be a performer of note. With a wide range of topics that are easy to relate to concerning our town, world and social statuses. Comedy has always been a way for people to let loose and confront their reality in a safe way; and within a safe environment. The Funny Foundation might just give you the comedy you have needed and deserved. You might even find yourself coming back to enjoy a cool draft or glass of wine to a group of rising comedians.

The event is organised by Jethro Thomas, a Rhodes University graduate who has always had a knack for comedy and the performing arts. He performs on occasion and acts as a guide and mentor for any up and coming performers interested in taking on the challenge of making people laugh. He even offers workshops for those looking to refine the skills; and battle any stage fright. These workshops also give those involved an opportunity to contribute further to the show; it might even end up in a new line up with your name on it. Or like the rest of us; you could sit back and enjoy one of the few gems of entertainment you might find on the elusive dry Grahamstown night. The power is in your hands.

To find out more information about upcoming shows, events and workshops check out their Facebook page under Grahamstown Funny Foundation. You can expect bigger and better things with each new coming shows.

(Left to right) Nicolas Merle, Brad Lang and Funny Foundation founder Jethro Thomas. Photo: Supplied

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