God is not like us…


Every now and then I hear someone say “If God was a God of love, He wouldn’t have allowed this” or “He wouldn’t have done this.” The problem with this kind of thinking is that we end up reducing God to nothing more than a puppet who acts the way we want Him to. In Isaiah 40:18, we find the question being asked; “Who will you compare God with? What likeness will you compare Him to?” The obvious answer would be that there is no one and nothing we can compare God to.

Some might argue that that’s not fair. Once again we read in Ezekiel 33:17; But your people say, ‘The Lord’s way isn’t fair,’ even though it is their own way that isn’t fair. If God could be reduced to our standard of fairness it would mean that we could argue He’s not being fair. But we can’t, Isaiah 40 :18-20 says; Who will you compare God with? What likeness will you compare Him to? To an idol? – something that a smelter casts, and a metalworker plates with gold and makes silver welds for it? To one who shapes a pedestal, choosing wood that does not rot? He looks for a skilled craftsman to set up an idol that will not fall over. God is no idol, and He’s definitely not like us, so don’t expect Him to act like one of us. But do expect Him to want to be a part of your life. To have a relationship with you, to be there for you, even if He’s nothing like you.

Pastor J.J. Botha
Full Gospel Church

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