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Mkhosini in his little garden that is enough for his pots of herbs and aloes from the mountain,  most of which can survive without water for a long time.

Mkhosini’s backyard veggie garden

It’s obvious Mpumelelo Mkhosini is a garden lover when you enter his yard. Here, he planted flowers; and at the back he has a vegetable garden.

Mkhosini said one doesn’t need a large space to start a garden.

“[The] size of a door is enough to start a garden, he said. “People don’t want to use small spaces.”  Mkhosini has planted, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes and pumpkin and herbs in pots and dis-used car tyres, which he says is enough for him but not for the community.”  Most of Mkhosini’s plants can survive without water he has collected them from the mountain, some, with medicine value, and others, like Rosemary for food.

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