Day of dance at Sibanye Day Care Centre


Luvo Gcule and his daughter, Masi, who attends Sibanye.

Teachers of the Sibanye Day Care Centre gathered at Assumption Clinic on Friday 3 of November to give love to the disabled children and hear a prayer by Father Simon Tibbs a member of the board of Sibanye from College of Transfiguration.

Some of the people who visited are Amanda Mata from Child Welfare, Jane Morgan a writer,  radio producer, fundraiser as well a Board member, and Nosipho Nkwinti  from Rhodes University Community Engagement. The guests were were welcomed by one of the parent Luvuyo Gcule.

Nomalungisa Maloni, a teacher at the School said its is not just South Africa children who are disabled, but many more are, around the world.

Rev Simon Tibbs, College of Transfiguration and incoming Sibanye board member, leads the opening prayer.

“They are neglected and unprotected,”  Maloni said, “they are treated with no dignity and respect.”  She said their goal at Sibanye Day Care Centre is to change this and keep the inner person of the disabled person alive so that they can feel  the same.

“We all need friends, we all need care for, they should feel happy within the space that everyone is at. Don’t laugh at us laugh with us.”

Sylvia Dyonashe, a Social Worker from FAMSA said their work is to heal the heart not the flesh. She spoke about the care of the children and thanked the teachers for taking care of the children and reminded parents to lend their support.

“Kids grow in love no matter what they are like,” Dyonashe said, “[Maloni] is also worried that the parents are not in big number because she wanted to talk to them.”  She was saddened that many children are abused in their own homes.

The FAMSA social worker added that they still receive cases from the community about parents who don’t take care of the children, although the number is going down. Some of the parents they don’t walk with their children and instead lock them up in the house, Dyonashe said. te

Ward Councillor Ramie Xhonxa was the last speaker and urged everyone to work together for the children.

There was music (provided by RMR) and dancing!

Sibanye co-founder and teacher, Lungi Maloni, talks about the purpose of the day.

A Sibanye pupil (right) and a young audience member wait for things to start.

FAMSA’s Sylvia Dyonase was the keynote speaker.


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