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The Grahamstown Residents Association (GRA) is deeply concerned about last week’s cabinet reshuffle and the way President Jacob Zuma’s recent actions are harming this country. It has become clear that he is managing the affairs of government for personal gain and in the interests of his inner circle of friends and family.

His actions indicate that he has little desire to serve the interests of the nation nor does he feel obliged to respect the spirit of the South African Constitution.

He has pointedly targeted senior staff members of the Treasury, mounting a personal vendetta against anyone who objects to his irresponsible antics.

Zuma’s authoritarian style of governance and his disregard for the long term interests of this country have already had disastrous consequences for South Africans in general and for the residents of Grahamstown in particular.

The Grahamstown Residents’ Association is resolutely apolitical, meaning that we do not support any particular party. We are however perturbed by the divisions Zuma’s behaviour has caused within the ANC because its members are either preoccupied with taking a stand in the struggle for political survival or with efforts to patch up differences in an increasingly ragged party.

The ruling party’s preoccupation with the Zuma divide has meant that politicians and senior civil servants have neglected their duties in order to jockey for battle-line positions while ignoring the day-to-day administration of the country.

Political uncertainty and the institutionalisation of wholesale corruption have caused both local and foreign investors to cut back on their investment plans. International rating agencies have downgraded this country’s credit rating and the rand has weakened against other currencies.

Zuma’s actions are terrible for the South African economy and particularly damaging for Grahamstown residents. For these reasons we call on President Zuma to step down and allow a more competent and more honest person to take the reins.


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