Rain not everyone’s friend


The hole that Gladys made for the water to pass through or if not it just became dam in the house.

coals of fire to warm up the front of the house

Gladys Speelman Pensioner.

Clothes her dress on the floor to sack the water so that children can move

While this week’s rains have been a relief for most residents, as the city’s water supply fills up, they’ve been a nightmare for Gladys Speelman.

With water seeping up into the house from underneath the floor, she’s had to make a hole in the wall for the water to drain out and has used her own clothes to try and soak up the damp on the floor.

”When I reported the matter to my ward councilor he told me to buy cement. But how am I going to buy it because I have nothing at all,” Speelman said. ”I have accounts to pay and the children are going to school.

Speelman is the mother of two. One is in Grade 8 and the other is at Eastcape Midlands College. She’s sent the elder one to stay with her sister because of the condition of the house.


Entering the bedroom enter the dam

Nomthandazo Steerman a disable grandmother staying with mental affection brother who is coming from Fort England.

Opposite lives Nomthandazo Steerman who is experiencing the same problem.

Water in her bedroom on the floor

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