Have you seen our roads lately?


As a regular visitor to Grahamstown over the past 17 years and more recently a ratepayer, it makes me very sad and angry that Makana Municipality does not appear to spend ratepayers’ money for the benefit of all the communities.

It smacks of gross incompetence that the infrastructure of Grahamstown is crumbling before everyone’s eyes – to list but a few:

  1. The roads & pavements with numerous potholes present a great danger to motorists and pedestrians alike. In the past 12 months this has become more apparent.
  2. Maintenance of the water distribution network is lacking.
  3. The building of proper housing and provision of facilities for the majority is not happening.
  4. Eskom is breathing down the Municipality’s neck for unpaid bills.

There is also evidence of lack of commitment in making re-zoning decisions to provide much needed school buildings for the majority.

Where is all the ratepayers’ money being spent? I suspect excessive salaries and overtime payments paid to incompetent employees are partly responsible.

A change in attitude by the Municipality is urgently needed to avoid the distinct possibility of being placed under administration.

Change must happen to bring Grahamstown back to her former glory.

Brian Wakeham

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