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Martin Rushton next to to the pot where river stones with names of baptised congregants, will be placed.

Bath basin full of different plants and the pot plants in the garden at Full Gospel Church.

Sunday School teacher and Full Gospel Church member Martin Rushton decided to make his garden on church property.

Congregation members donated pot plants and a bath basin, which Rushton, with some help from Gardner Samson, dug into the soil and filled with plant. Rushton planted over sixty succulent plants over a period of about 10 months in the first phase.  The second phase will be another five-meter long garden with at least 100 succulents, and a fireplace against the wall.

Rushton hopes to collect river stones on which congregants who have been baptised can write their names and put in a large pot filled with water. He laughed, saying he hoped this will encourage others to be baptised.

The Full Gospel Church has more 100 children as members.

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