‘Spend wisely this festive season’


Consumers have been encouraged to spend their money wisely and avoid overspending this festive season.

“As consumer protection agencies, we encourage consumers to spend wisely and be savvy. Don’t let a Black Friday Sale end with a Black Listing – only buy what you need not what you want just because it seems to be a good deal,” Gauteng Office of Consumer Affairs (GOCA)  Director for Education, Awareness and Stakeholder Relations, Milly Viljoen, said.

Consumers are urged to take the following tips into consideration this festive season:

  • Set a budget for the festive season;
  • Live according to that budget and in accordance with what they can afford;
  • Try to pay cash (debit cards) when purchasing items – buying on credit means the initial saving on the sale price is paid for twice due to high interest rates;
  • Shop Smart and Save – by shopping around and visiting price comparison websites for deals;
  • Remember “RRR”. You have the same right to Repair, Replace and Refund of defective and unsafe goods purchased online as of that purchased in a store;
  • Use your 13th or bonus cheque to pay off small debts; credit cards or out it towards your home loan. Paying extra into your home loan each month reduces the 20-year term;
  • Make provisions for unforeseen circumstances; and
  • Spend wisely; because there are more sales in the New Year.

“By taking the above tips into consideration consumers can enjoy the festive season and start off the New Year hopefully without financial stress and new debt,” Viljoen said. – SAnews.gov.za

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