My Garden – my livelihood


Colin Cirha proudly holds up a bunch of spinach from his garden.

Colin Cirha’s yard is protected against stray livestock by a thick hedge

Colin Cirha, who lives in Vukani, is very proud of garden. Cirha has a fence and a hedge around his property. Inside, he grows spinach, mielies, onions, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, garlic and beetroot.

Cirha planted his garden the day he arrived in Vukani. He had to, he says, because he was unemployed. From his garden produce, he gets a little bit of money for bread and other essentials for the dinner table. Another motivation for the keeping a garden was that sick people need to eat vegetables. Cirha assists several people in the neighbourhood with veggies. He advises the community not to plant a lawnm but rather a garden. His biggest problem is lack of space.

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