The end of an era


Wow – here I am, worked on my last edition of Grocott’s Mail. A paper I have grown up with since a young lad (my father was a freelance sports reporter in the 1980s). I had my first photograph published in Grocott’s Mail at the age of 14, when I was also working in the stationery section of Grocott & Sherry on Saturdays and during school holidays.

This passion grew until after school and a year at technical college and few years working on my photography to being employed as a permanent member of the Grocott’s Mail staff on 1 July 1998.

Being a member of the media has its challenges, but there are also a few perks. From interviewing local mayors to presidents, to well-known community sportsmen and women to international sporting heroes, these are the opportunities available to members of the media. I have been privileged to be able to interview many of these stars, let alone be in their presence.

I’ve sat in the back of a Casspir, flown in an army helicopter, been lifted on the back of a motorcycle chasing cyclists and runners and test-driven top of the range, just-released motor vehicles.

The most difficult part of the job has been covering crime and accident scenes: I’ve had to photograph everything from fender benders to scenes of devastation.

I’ve photographed the inside of the Waainek prison cells and interacted with prisoners, giving them a voice to the youth; I’ve been arrested and taken to the cells for doing my job (I sued the state and won my case, obviously).

All in all, it’s been a fantastic trip and I thank each and every member of this great little city of ours for inviting me into your house, into your car, into your office space and on to your sports field to cover your story. I’ve tried to make everyone happy by telling your story and I’ve given my all in attempting to cover every sporting event, from golf to bowls, boxing to wrestling, horse riding to model aeroplane flying, chess, dancing and international sporting events.

A huge thank you to Jeff Grocott for accepting me into the Grocott’s family as a kid. I’ve seen many changes over the years and they continue. I look forward to becoming a reader of this fabulous brand in 2018 and beyond.

I thank our readers for following my coverage in Grocott’s Mail, as I bid farewell to this newspaper to start a new career in 2018. I thank St Andrew’s College and Diocesan School for Girls for accepting me into your staff family.

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