‘Zuma must comply’ says regional ANC


In a strongly worded statement the ANC in the Sarah Baartman Region says the sooner Jacob Zuma steps down from the Presidency the better, labelling his possible efforts to hold on to the position as “unprincipled conduct”.

The REC statement was issued hours after Tobeka Madiba-Zuma was reported on News24 as warning that all hell would break loose and accusing those trying to remove her husband from the Presidency of “picking a fight”. The party’s Regional Executive, of which Phindile Faxi is acting chair, warned against reducing the matter of Zuma’ stepping down to a narrow family matter and emphasised the need for organisational discipline.

The statement, issued by Regional Secretary Scara Njadayi, cautiously starts on the subject of “the management of the Transition (Possible stepping aside of the State President)” and expresses appreciation for the efforts of the party’s national executive as well as party president Cyril Ramaphosa “with regard to President Jacob Zuma, the State President on a possible transition and the management of the process of him stepping down”.


Referring to it as a “delicate matter” requiring  serious political and organisational discipline, the REC noted however the potential for creating uncertainty in the country and the Congress Movement at large. The warn that South Africans are losing hope and that the uncertainty is creating space for “opportunistic elements” to step in, “solely to topple the ANC from power”.


“The REC is of the view that the repercussions will be dire to the movement,” Njadayi said on behalf of the regional executive. This created the impression that a deployee had a choice to object to a call by the organisation to be redeployed or step down.


“This leaves a situation where all deployees in all levels will draw inspiration from this unprincipled conduct of resisting to leave deployment (office),” Njadayi said.


He said delaying the matter had the potential to polarise both the organisation and the country.


“The REC would like to appeal to the NEC members to speak in unison on this matter and manage contradictory statements that cause confusion in the rank and file and society at large.

“The more the matter is prolonged, the more the people of South Africa are losing hope in the ANC and opportunistic elements occupy the space, solely to topple the ANC from power.


“Further it appeals to comrade President Jacob Zuma to cooperate and reprimand his family members to avoid putting the organisation, him and his family into disrepute by narrowly reducing the matter into a family matter or paint a picture that he is being harrased.


Making comparison with former president Thabo Mbeki’s stepping down, Njadayi said the REC wanted to remind Zuma that Mbeki hadn’t oppposed the NEC decision to recall him.


Of Zuma, Njadayi said Zuma had not been recalled.


“It is a transition. The time has arrived for him to peacefully hand over power. He must comply.” 

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