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With Valentine’s Day this week, we asked around the sporting community whether or not sport was seen as a good or bad thing in a relationship. Here are the different takes on sports relationships from around the town.

Busi Mantawule

Busi Mantawule: Right Back for African Connection soccer team
Photo: Sue Maclennan

“Yes it is on my side because in sport you get to learn a lot how to communicate in a good manner. Sport teaches you as a person to able to express yourself plus to be able to deal with so many kinds of attitudes – although I am not sure in what way! Sport is a key to meet new people and challenges.”






Joshua Parsons

Joshua Parsons: Rhodes first XV rugby captain.
Photo: Supplied

“I think sport is good for your relationship because your [partner]can come and support you. I mean for myself and my rugby has been a group effort really with my girlfriend. she helps me with nutrition… sometimes when I don’t feel like training, she’ll be the one to get me up and motivate me. The only thing is it can be difficult to give up, your time with your [partner], but if they want you to succeed, they will understand and support that. So I think it is good for your relationship, you both understand each other’ goals and what they want in life.”



Lutho Singata

Lutho Singata: Rhodes University Shotokan Karate Club President.
Photo: Supplied

“Tricky question. Sport is something that brings people together and in sport people can learn their strengths and weaknesses. So I think it is a good thing for a relationship.”







Terri-Lynn Penney

Terri-Lynn Penney with her finishers medal and EP bronze marathon medals. Photo: Supplied

“Sport is good for a relationship… As a married couple we [Terri-Lynn and her husband, Stephen Penney] always train together, motivate and support each other in training and racing.”



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