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Vuyelwa Nkohla was the first winner of the Garden of the Month voucher from Malcolm Sonthey of Sunnyside Garden Centre.

Vuyelwa Nkohla is the first Grahamstown resident to win with Sunnyside Garden Centre this year. The garden supplies centre is giving away an R50 voucher every month to the Garden of the Month (as featured in Grocott’s Mail), and  Nkohla has just scooped the February honours.

“Thank you Sunnyside Garden Centre,” said an overjoyed Nkohla, “and thanks to Grocott’s Mail because without them I could not have found the voucher.”

Nkohla was chosen from gardeners whose patches have been featured in Grocott’s Mail. She used her voucher to buy seeds so she could produce again.

Said Malcolm Sonthey, owner of Sunnyside Garden Centre: “We encourage people to use the space that they have and keep on working in their gardens, produce food and enjoy working their gardens.“

Sonthey also encouraged gardeners to stay positive in dry times and save as much water as they can for those times. He also encouraged residents to grow their own veggies.

.”We are going to give people voucher once every month,” to support this cause, said Sonthey.

  • Text and Photo: Lindani Donyeli


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