Pineapple battle under way

The Annual Pineapple Cricket Tournament in Port Alfred kicked off last weekend, and will be running until next week Saturday with the finals that will take place.
This year, the Kenrich Motors Pineapple Cricket Tournament consists of 30 teams, made up of at least 300 players, competing in a total of 42 matches. These matches will be played on 7 fields under the watchful eyes of 14 umpires. While they’ll be supported by an untold number of loyal spectators.
The annual Port Alfred and Bathurst Cricket Tournament is an event familiar known as “The Pineapple Tournament” because of the number of pineapple farmers who have taken part over the years. The dual name can be confusing for those new to the area, but most understood the essence of the “Tournament”. The first tournament to be staged in Bathurst was held in 1904 at the Bathurst Agricultural Show grounds. Prior to this, the tournament was held at various venues in the area, notably Salem, Upper Kariega, Barville Park, Kasouga and WEsley in the Peddie District. At the tournament in Bathurst 4 teams took part, now 111 years later, there are 30 teams competing in 5 sections.
The tournament is played on a round robin basis. The presentation of the 40 or so trophies and prizes, take place at the Port Alfred Country Club after the final match on Saturday 10 March 2018.
The sections are:
A1 –  Cuylerville 1, Southwell 1, Port Alfred 1, Rhodes 1
A2 –  Sidbury 1, Manleys 1, Grahamstown XI, Salem 1
B1 –  Station Hill, Cuylerville 2, Southwell 2, Salem 2
B2 –  Kenton, Manleys 2, Sidbury 2, Port Alfred 2
C –  Shrews, Rainbows, Tiger Titans, Early Birds, PAHS
Inv –  Addo, The Owls, Fort Beaufort, Cathcart
Others –  East Legends, West Legends, Nova, Kenrich Motors
There will also be a Tournament Team selected after the event to play an Annual fixture against the Ngubela XI in September 2018.
Previous Winners for the past five years:
2017 –  Cuylerville
2016 –  Cuylerville
2015 –  Sidbury
2014 –  Cuylerville
2013 –  Manleys Flats
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