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At 5000 copies (that’s a minimum of 12 500 readers), Grocott’s Mail is reaching more people than ever. Most are thrilled to be getting their own copy free – but some of our long-time readers are missing out on the copy they relied on being able to pick up at the shop on the Friday bread and milk run.

So we’ve approached certain businesses and institutions to serve as collection points for their regular customers. They’ve agreed to keep lists of walk-in Grocott’s Mail “subscribers” who opt to collect their copies there.

The good news for readers who used to buy their copy on the way to work or on the school run, is that our street sellers will be back at their old spots handing out copies – for free of course. So you don’t need to scramble for change! Look out for them early on Fridays at the taxi rank, Kingswood Bridge, Somerset Street and the Cathedral traffic lights.

We’re also providing copies to restaurants and coffee shops in the CBD, so they can keep them for their customers to read while they relax over a cup of coffee or a meal.

Our existing distribution network to homes and other businesses will continue. Below are our Walk-in Subscriber collection points. Ask the reception person at your preferred outlet to put your name on their walk-in subscriber list and keep a copy of Grocott’s Mail for you to collect from them at your convenience.
Walk-in Subscriber Collection points

Pick n Pay (speak to Werner or Nico to put your name on their walk-in subscriber list)
Lungi & Ingram at Pepper Grove; Grahamstown Home Industries; Fusion
Oak Cottage Spar
Checkers (speak to Sonia Nel or Martin van der Walt to put your name on their walk-in subscriber list)
Juice Bar; Country Fresh
Grahamstown Pharmacy; Graham Bottle Store; Van Schaik; Provost Café; Red Cafe
Tip Top Butchery; Curry Den; Dan’s Supermarket
Hi-Q Lens Auto; Hyundai; PG Glass; Buco; Patel
Grahamstown Motors; Settler City Garage
Shoprite (speak to Dolly Kalaka to put your name on their walk-in subscriber list)
Nyama Rama; Total Garage; Get Lucky; Engen Garage
Fingo Library; Duna Library; Joza Youth Hub
Extension 7 Clinic; Assumption Development Centre; Ngcelwane store; Ray’s Butchery
Ubunye Bethu Day Care Centre (Vukani Location)

For any queries about how and where you receive your copy of Grocott’s Mail, please call Andiswa at 046 603 7111 or email her at

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