Heavy as eggs


These learners were the winners of the 2018 Science Olympics at Scifest. This year, participants were tasked with designing a protective container for an egg using strings, scissors, toilet roles and egg boxes. The eggs were then dropped from each floor of the building. The winning team’s egg was the last to crack. To design their container, they used a long toilet roll. They then tucked another toilet roll into one end of the first tube to seal it off. The learners then cut the top of the first tube shorter. They then inserted their egg into two segments of an egg box, cut from a larger carton, and tied these together with string. They then put the egg into the remaining hole of the first toilet roll tube and tied one half of another egg box horizontally over it. The learners were very happy to have won the competition and walked away with a goody bags filled with prizes courtesy of Scifest.

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